Development VISTA
The Development VISTA will directly help JA identify and ultimately secure new revenue opportunities and develop funding resources and best practices, ensuring that JA can serve and impact more underserved students. Learn more about joining the JA Team. 

Events Intern
The Events Intern will learn how to be a part of a professional non-profit development team. This individual will be a key member of the team, providing support for our corporate fundraising events. This role will provide valuable career experience for future employment opportunities, resume building and excellent community networking opportunities. This position would ideally be filled by a college junior who would be invited to stay on for a second term their senior year. This decision would be based on performance and availability of the intern. Learn more about joining the JA Team.

District Manager – Bismarck-Mandan
The District Manager of Bismarck-Mandan will help bring learning to life for students! By building partnerships with the business, education, and philanthropic communities, the District Manager will help strengthen JA programming in the Biskmarck-Mandan area. This role will be responsible for engaging a Board of Directors, raising financial support, building awareness for JA programming in the community, and program management. Learn more about joining the JA Team