National Entrepreneurship Month


Volunteer Entrepreneurs Needed to Inspire Local Students

To kick off National Entrepreneurship Month in November, we’re partnering with local entrepreneurs to help cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit that resides in today’s youth.

Through single-visit, turnkey volunteer experiences called JA Launch Lessons, we’re connecting entrepreneurs and students across our three-state region. These lessons compliment current JA programs by bringing an inspiring entrepreneur into the classroom for one hour during the week to share his or her experience with students. The program is designed to be simple for the entrepreneurs to implement, but impactful for the teens participating. For example, during the JA experience, students can learn how to create a business plan or successfully interview for a job.

Last year, nearly 50,000 students in 1,735 classrooms in 49 JA areas across the country participated in JA Launch Lesson. Among students surveyed, 81% were motivated to learn more about entrepreneurship, while 98% of entrepreneurs surveyed said they enjoyed the experience and would volunteer again.

Additional volunteer opportunities are available through JA Company Program and JA Be Entrepreneurial for volunteers interested in inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur interested in volunteering, or an educator interested in having an entrepreneur speak to your students, please contact Liz Guimont at 651-255-0058 or


Teens and Entrepreneurship Survey

In October 2017, JA USA and EY joined to survey parents and teens about their opinions regarding entrepreneurship. More than 1,000 teens and 1,000 parents of teens participated. Here’s a summary of the findings (read the full survey here):

Young Entrepreneurs in the Spotlight

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