Financial Literacy Month

Junior Achievement programs teach students how to manage money, maintain a personal budget and be fiscally responsible through fun, hands-on curriculum. During Financial Literacy Month, we encourage you to explore and share the various resources we’ve gathered to help young peope gain the knowledge and skills needed to take control of their economic success.

Talking money with kids can be tricky. Let SNL’s Kate McKinnon be your guide to teaching
children the financial facts of life in this new (and funny!) video.

Why is Financial Literacy Important?

According to the results of a 2014 Consumer Reports survey, Americans score poorly in the area of financial literacy:

  • About one in three U.S. adults (32%) do not save any of their household’s annual income for retirement.
  • About one in three U.S. adults (34%) carry credit card debt from month to month.
  • 15% of adults (more than 35 million people) roll over $2,500 or more in credit card debt each month.
  • Nearly three in four adults (73%) agree that they could benefit from advice and answers to everyday financial questions from a professional.
  • According to a recent survey, financial illiteracy cost Americans $280 billion in 2017. Read more.

    84% of teens look to their parents for information and guidance on how to manage money, but more than a third of parents report that they don’t discuss financial matters with their children (2015 JA Teens and Personal Finance Survey). Clearly there is a need to educate today’s youth on how to manage money so they can own their economic success.

    JA My Way helps kids make smart money decisions

    JA My Way is a free online resource loaded with tips and tools to help students take control of their financial future:

  • Explore buying a car and saving for college
  • Get tips to start a business
  • Put your career on the express track by taking the Personality Quiz and then finding job matches
  • Create professional resumes
  • Simply create a free account to access these resources. Sign up at
    JA My Way

    Resources for Parents and Students
  • JA Influencer offers practical lessons pertaining to current events and how economic decisions affect students’ lives and their futures.
  • Play our JA Titan game, an online interactive simulation that teaches students about running a business. You’ll make decisions on price, production, marketing, capital investment, and R & D, and see the impact that your decisions have on the success or failure of a company.
  • JA offers several apps, to help teens and their parents explore careers and evaluate the cost of post-secondary education to help them make informed decisions.

  • Let’s build financial literacy

    In late fall, we will move our headquarters from Maplewood to St. Paul. One of the primary reasons for our move is so that we can double the number of students participating in JA BizTown and JA Finance Park. Currently, these programs are serving 42% more students than our Maplewood building was designed to accommodate.

    Our future home will allow us to impact twice as many students, with two experiential learning labs instead of one. This will allow students to more easily transition from the elementary grade curriculum of JA BizTown into the middle/high school programming offered through JA Finance Park. Not familiar with JA BizTown and JA Finance Park? Check out the videos below to learn more about these experiential programs that teach students how to manage money, balance a personal budget, and introduce them to careers. JA Finance Park has been recognized by Harvard University for its innovative curriculum and teaching practices.

    We’re excited for our upcoming move this fall so that we can provide even more students with these unique and rewarding learning opportunities.

    JA Kid Professor

    “JA Kid Professor” explores different financial literacy topics in these cute videos. A great way to help younger kids understand some advanced concepts!

    Financial Literacy Month activities (view the full calendar)
  • April 3 – Commerce Commissioner Looman visits JA BizTown
  • April 15-21 – National Volunteer Recognition Week
  • April 18 – JAUM Company of the Year Competition
  • April 25 – Minnesota Financial Capability Roundtable
  • April 26 – JA Titan Metro Competition
  • April 26 – Jump$tart Annual Event
  • April 27 – MN Cup application period closes
  • various dates in April – JA bigBowl

  • JA in the Classroom

    Watch this short video to see JA’s impact in the classroom

    JA BizTown

    Watch this short video to see how JA BizTown teaches kids about financial literacy

    JA Finance Park

    Watch this short video to see how JA Finance Park introduces students to personal finance