JA Finance Park Tour

Download a list of all JA Finance Park Businesses

Bank – Evaluates home and auto loans, receives savings deposits

Restaurant – Offers meal selection options for dining out

Phone Service – Offers home phone service and calling options, as well as wireless phone plans

Insurance Center – Offers transportation and housing insurance options

Investment Center – Offers options for students to acquire and track an investment portfolio

Home Improvement Center – Offers options for new appliances, fixtures and home renovations

Electric Company – Offers electric service and determines fees based on size of families and homes

Water/Sewer/Trash Services – Offers water service, sewer service, trash and recycling

Wellness/Fitness Center – Offers options for health care coverage

Transportation Center – Offers options for vehicle purchases

Housing Office – Offers options for home rentals and purchases

Clothing Store – Offers options for casual and professional clothing for adults and children

Furniture Store – Offers furniture options for various housing and family situations

Grocery Store – Offers options for weekly grocery lists

Entertainment Center – Offers options for entertainment and family recreation activities

Cable Company -Offers cable service and expanded options, as well as internet service

Non-Profit Agency – Offers options for charitable giving to non-profit organizations

Education Center – Collects expense for education and training based on income level