JA Summer Camp


We are excited to plan for engaging summer programs for Summer 2021!  Check back for more information and dates soon!

For more information, please contact Jennifer Baldwin, Vice President of Capstone Programs, at 651-255-0055 or jennifer@jaum.org


Young Entrepreneurs Camp
Geared towards students entering 4-8 grade

Discover what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur! Learn how to create a business plan strong enough to convince “the sharks” to invest in your idea. Students will conduct market research to develop a business plan, create unique products and services, and develop new ways to advertise their business.
Geared towards students entering 4-8 grade

Learn how to run, promote and manage a successful business at JA BizTown. Create project plans, science experiments and video commercials. Discover how STEM is used in the workplace and in business. Discover STEM careers through presentations from business professionals. See how the money you earn works in the JA BizTown economy.

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