JA triviaBowl

Introducing JA triviaBowl 2020, our new virtual option

In response to the COVID-19 guidelines, we’re offering a virtual option. Virtual bowling, you ask? How is that possible? Let us introduce…JA triviaBowl 2020! Instead of coming together for an in-person bowling celebration, we’ll celebrate together online. Participants will be encouraged to grab their favorite snack and beverage of choice (cheers!), then dial into a screen sharing platform for a live trivia event. Trivia questions will vary from pop culture, JA curriculum, your company history, and a few random things thrown in to make us laugh!

Why Is JA triviaBowl Important?

Funds raised will support Junior Achievement’s important work in continuing to educate today’s young people in a virtual learning environment. Your support of JA has never been more important!

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Questions? Contact Molly Wick at 952.564.9352 or mwick@jaum.org.