Viewers to Volunteers

V2V_FlowChartGraphic_smallDid you know that Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest is a part of the national Viewers to Volunteers (V2V) effort supported by CBS EcoMedia?

V2V is a platform that allows everybody to support worthy causes without spending a dime of their own money! The concept is simple: download the V2V app or visit the website, select Junior Achievement as the nonprofit you want to support, and earn points by reading, watching, and sharing positive stories. These points turn into real dollars for JA, courtesy of participating brands. There is no advertising on V2V. Instead, the platform is entirely underwritten by advertisers’ media buys on other CBS platforms, including network, local TV, radio, and interactive.

By making it easy, fun, and free for everyone to give, V2V broadens JA’s reach exponentially, creating a wider community of support for its important work in preparing our nation’s young people to reach their potential.

Download the V2V app from the App Store, or on Google Play today so you can start giving back to JA! Be sure to create an account so that you can direct your points to Junior Achievement. Questions? Contact Tom Thornton at