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Why it matters

JA volunteers inspire and prepare students to succeed in school and in life. By sharing your energy and experiences, you serve as a role model to help them envision a successful future.

Benefits to you

What our volunteers say

I enjoyed helping students learn important life skills while making it fun for them!”

Volunteering with JA has helped me improve my presentation and speaking skills.”

Working with children is a rewarding change from working with adults all day long.”

I love working with kids and seeing their enthusiasm for learning.”

Benefits to your employer

  • Leadership and public speaking opportunities for employee/volunteer
  • Increased employee morale through community service
  • Pre-planned JA lessons make effective use of employee/volunteer’s time
  • Have an impact in the neighborhood where you conduct business

Ready to help students succeed?

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Ways to volunteer
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Training materials

Have questions? Check out our Volunteer FAQ’s, or contact us at 651-255-0055 or info@jaum.org.

Watch our video to see the rewards of being a JA volunteer