Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative

youth_entrep_image_webThe Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative is a multi-year initiative to promote entrepreneurship and its opportunities to youth, educating and inspiring young people to embrace entrepreneurial thinking to drive innovation and strengthen our global economy. Guided by our strategic plan, the fund will support relevant programming, focused research, innovative strategies, and partnership development.

With a focus on impacting high schools students in Minnesota, North Dakota and western Wisconsin, the fund will accelerate our vision of expanding entrepreneurship education and ensuring students learn global trade, risk-taking, and the role of philanthropy to create long-term sustainable solutions. Interaction between students and adults across the three-state region will build tolerance of different cultures, ideas, perspectives and attitudes experienced in a global economy.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative will support the following JA programs:

    JA Company Program
    JA Titan
    JA Be Entrepreneurial
    JA BizTown

    Annually, at the JAUM Company of the Year Competition, we recognize the students from winning team as Otto Bremer Scholars. Each student will receive a $1,000 post secondary scholarship sponsored by the Otto Bremer Trust.

    We also recognize the Otto Bremer Student Entrepreneur of the Year, awarded to an officer of one of the JAUM Company of the Year competing teams. Congratulations to last year’s winnerConor Friedmann, a 2015 graduate from Maple Grove High School, who received a $1,000 post-secondary scholarship.

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